Case Study Methodology (In English) 
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Date: 3/12/2014 3:00 PM
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Duration: 4 Weeks
Title: Case Study Methodology (In English)
Prerequisites: None
Total Course Hours: 20

Topics: What Case Studies are and how they can be applied to the educational model of your institution.

In this module, you will learn how to use the case method and how to adapt the educational model of your institution. From readings that offer a framework on the case method, participating faculty will examine, design and implement the case method in their classrooms. Essentially, you will be able to share with your colleagues the different activities and practice exercises you create. Topics will include:

Topic I: Introduction to the pedagogical principles underlying the case method

Topic II: Defining the steps and the preparation of case methods for learning

Topic III: Using the case method and how learning should be assessed when using this educational strategy.

Case Study Methodology Benefits
Activate individual and collective learning through a lively process of analysis, verbalization and debate.

Duration: 4 weeks / 20 hours
Cost: 100% scholarships. Space and time is limited.
Also available in: Spanish, Portuguese

This course is offered in English, Spanish and Portuguese. If you wish to enroll in a different language than the current one, go to the header of this page and under "Faculty Development" click on "Language" to select the version of your choice.


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