Design and Construction of a High Energy Radiation Detector for Research in Scientific Fields 


The theme for this webinar is Design and construction of a high energy radiation detector for research in many scientific fields: Medicine, Biology and materials. During the presentation the FAIR (Facility for Antiproton Ion Research) will be introduced.

By the end of the presentation, the participants will know the state of the art of the nowadays medical and novel materials accelerators facilities with the most advanced scientific results acquire knowledge and orientation of new scientific research programs and have another point of view of research in the meaning of applications and commercial possibilities to satisfy social demands.

Webinar Details
Presenter:José Sánchez del Río
Occupation:pHD in BioPhotonics and Materials
Date:December 31-2099
Local Date:
Duration:60 min
University:Universidad Europea, Madrid


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José Sánchez has a pHD in BioPhotonics and Materials Science by CSIC-UAM, Director of the R+D+i department at HANSCAN (biometrics company), inventor of 4 novel patents related in Biometrics, two post-docs in CSIC-IEM in Nuclear Sicence and Materials, teacher of subjects related with Material Science and Engineering, Biophysics, Advances Physics and Information and Technology at UEM for master programs and grades.

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