The New Role of Fashion Schools: Advanced Understanding to Achieve Higher Goals in Fashion Teaching 


The new role of fashion schools, advanced understanging to achieve higher goals in fashion teaching. By the end of this learning session, participants will be more aware about new possible pathways to reach suitable outcomes, and stimulated to consider the teaching of fashion in an innovative way.

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Presenter:Nicoletta Morozzi
Occupation:Director Fashion Department
Date:February 19-2013
Local Date:
Duration:1 hour
University:Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano (NABA)


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Nicoletta Morozzi is the director of the Fashion Design Departmentin NABA.Her professional activity spreads across the fields of fashion, art and design. From industrial and handcrafted knitwear collections, to the coordination of international fashion and design exhibitions, to books publishing and collaboration with fashion and design magazines, as well as realizing textile artworks. Passionate in knitting and embroidery, she is one of the founders of Do-knityourself, a project based on the use of knitting as a tool for weaving threads and relations, both at a physical and metaphorical level. Started within NABA, the Do-knit-yourself project lead to the realization of the exhibitions Do-it-jibun-de at Muji Atelier in Tokyo, and Dritto-Rovescio at Triennale Milano (catalogue editedby Electa), where the project Family Dress, a collective knitting art-work, was first presented to the public, becoming since then areference point for the new knitting world. The Milano-Cina project, also born within the Academy, involved the Chinese community in Milan in a re-interpretation of shop-windows in Via Sarpi, Milan Chinatown, using design as a cultural integration tool.

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