Going Reverse: Machine to Hand Knits 


The webinar focuses, on cognitive skills of students shifting from easy technology to hand techniques, that is Machine knitting to hand knitting.

How the students explore, and open up when given a wide range of freedom in techniques and materials.

By the end of this learning session, participants will be able to undertand student’s perspectives to Introduction and revelation to new materials, colors, embellishments, techniques and styles and visualize students demonstration on Integrating skills, tradition with modern materials and styles.

Webinar Details
Presenter:Sonali Soni Pal
Date:December 31-2099
Local Date:
Duration:60 min


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Webinar Recording: Available on July 16



Sonali Soni Pal is an Assistant Professor at Pearl Academy of Fashion, New Delhi, India. Her area of Expertise is Knitwear Design . She is a Bachelor in Sociology Hons from Delhi University, India , A post Graduate in Knitwear Design and Technology (KDT) and a Masters in Design (M.Des) from NIFT New Delhi . She is also a certificate holder in Post Graduate Certificate Course in Higher Education from NTU, U.K. She has 13 years of experience. She is a design consultant with many Industries, and NGOs. She has worked on projects such as curriculum design, faculty training , design mentoring. She has published papers and articles in fashion trade journal and papers on E- learning in journals and presented paper in International Conferences.

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