Good pedagogy is good pedagogy regardless of modality 

This webinar focuses on the pedagogical concepts that apply to all forms of course delivery. This includes exploring basic principles that apply to class planning, core instructional activities, and student feedback and motivation.

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Presenter:Sue Subocz
Occupation:Executive Director Of Digital Strategy, Design, and Development
Date:December 2-2015
Local Date:
Duration:60 min
University:Laureate International Universities
Country:United States


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Dr. Sue Subocz currently works as Executive Director Of Digital Strategy, Design, and Development for Laureate Network Office. In this effort, she strives to bring forward her experiences working with students and faculty in her previous roles as professor of mathematics and physics, academic department chair, and vice president of academic affairs. Sue is passionate about bringing learning opportunities to those who - like herself during her many years serving in the U.S. Coast Guard – might not be able to achieve their educational goals in traditional settings.

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