How do I convert a face to face course to a blended course? 

This webinar will cover the strategy to transform a f2f course into a blended course creating positive interdependence of online and f2f activities in the design & assessment.

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Presenter:Amy Hilbelink
Occupation:Executive Director, Strategic Partner Initiatives, Educational, Products Technology and Innovation, Laureate Network Office
Date:April 20-2016
Local Date:
Duration:60 min.
University:Laureate International Universities
Country:United States


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Amy consults and advises global strategic partners in the AMEA region on the design and development of fully online or blended courses and hybrid programs. She collaborates with various teams within the Laureate international network, including Academic Quality and Accreditation, Regulatory, Product Strategy, HR, Marketing, academic faculty across the network, academic leadership, regional heads of academics and occasional 3rd parties (external to Laureate) to ensure strategic partners reach their online and blended goals. Amy identifies opportunities leading to product line expansion and product/program growth on an international scale.

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