How to provide effective feedback in the online environment 

Feedback is information an instructor can give to a student regarding how he or she is progressing toward a certain learning goal. In an online environment, feedback takes on an even greater role, in that it can help keep students connected to their instructor, their classmates, and the material.

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Presenter:Allanna Rocca
Occupation:Director, Learning Solutions Laureate Network Office
Date:April 13-2016
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Duration:60 min.
University:Laureate International Universities
Country:United States


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In her 14 years at Laureate, Lana has been involved in all aspects of program design and course development for a variety of Institutions. Lana’s prior experience includes k-12 curriculum development, educational consulting, elementary and higher education, ESL instruction, and teacher training. She has taught various subjects at multiple grade levels, both locally and internationally. In addition to her full time role as Director of Learning Solutions, Lana is currently completing her Ph.D. in Education with a specialization in Learning, Instruction, and Innovation.

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