Hybrid, Blended, and Online Learning: Exploring Myths and Best Practices 

Experts from Laureate and Blackboard recently coauthored a white paper on the empirical evidence behind the value and efficacy of hybrid, blended, and online learning. This session will present the key findings from this paper including several myths about online learning.

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Presenter:Barry Sugarman
Occupation:Educational Product, Technology and Innovation, Laureate Network Office
Date:November 16-2015
Local Date:
Duration:60 min
University:Laureate International Universities
Country:United States


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Dr. Barry Sugarman currently serves as Vice President, Strategic Planning and Product Initiatives of the Educational Product, Technology, and Innovation team in the Laureate Network Office. Barry has over 20 years of experience in the higher education, electronic publishing, and technology sectors. Dr. Sugarman completed his Ph.D. in Education at Columbia University, his MBA in Market Research at Pace University, and his BA in Psychology at University of Rochester.

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