Learning by Designing: Progression + Professionalism - A student's case history 


The webinar intends to describe Domus Academy's original teaching method through the analysis of a student's work. The workshop activity of the student will be presented, in order to show the progress and the maturation archieved at the end of the course. The presentation includes videos of projects realized by the student.

By the end of this learning session, participants will be able to: have an understanding of Domus Academy methodology, have an overview of Domus Academy teaching activity proposed to the students and exchange ideas and opinions on the effectiveness of the above-mentioned method.

Webinar Details
Presenter:Sara Desimoni
Occupation:Course Leader Master in Fashion Design
Date:February 20-2013
Local Date:
Duration:60 min
University:Domus Academy


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Sara Desimoni was born in Milan in 1977. After her degree, she joined Domus Academy Faculty in 2001 to work for the Master Program in Fashion Design. Since then, she has dealt with the organization of the Master course in Fashion Design, following students' activity and involving fashion experts, designers and companies into the program. In 2006, she contributed to the establishment of the Fashion Design Department at Domus Academy and the launch of the Master Program in Accesories Design. The long experience maturated in Domus Academy, in direct contact with international prestigious brands and designers, as well as the tight relationship with students coming from all over the world, allows her to master the development of the creative process and the knowledge of the international field. At the present, she is course leader of the Master in Fashion Design.

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