Strategies for English Language Learners 


This webinar will provide an overview of English Language Learners in US schools and present dynamic, proven approaches in teaching and counseling students who are English Language Learners; these best practices provide results, cohesiveness, and direction with ELL students. Workshop participants will also learn important statistics and strategies to work with ELL students in school and understand bilingual methods that facilitate classroom and work behavior.

By the end of the session the participants will be able to learn the different regions and languages ELL’s define or represent in the US and different methods to work with ELL’s in school settings.

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Presenter:Jesus Angulo
Occupation:Walden University Faculty Member
Date:December 31-2099
Local Date:
Duration:60 min


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Jesus Angulo is an Educational Strategist, provides Professional Development to several educational institutions and agencies that are participants in TRIO Programs in the WESTOP chapter of COE. He is an Academic Advisor for the Federally Funded TRIO Programs at The National Hispanic University and on his free time provides strategic advice to schools, universities and districts on educational leadership. Angulo is an active presenter on English Language Leaders, Counseling/Teaching Strategies, Social Justice and Equity issues and themes in education. He is a doctoral student at California State University East Bay in the Educational Leadership for Social Justice Program. He holds several advance college degrees and has a lot of experience in bilingual education in secondary schools and higher education. He presented a dynamic workshop for the Latino Community in the SF Bay Area on Interviewing Techniques at the ALAS Advancing Latina/o Achievement and Success Conference at San Jose State University in February and is currently working on strengthening the pipeline of Latinas/os in higher education. His goal is to contribute in the field of education and collaborate with scholars at large on Social Justice, Equity, English Language Learners, Bilingualism, Advocacy in Education. Welcomes the opportunity to collaborate.

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