Supporting Academic Staff on T&L Practices through Community of Practices 

To share on how a group of faculty members from diverse backgrounds who met regularly to discuss pre and post strategies in implementing a 'new' teaching approach, Problem-Based Learning (PBL). Besides conducting workshops, the PBL implementation was made possible through the support of Community of Practice.

Learner Outcomes. By the end of this learning session, participants will be able to:

1. Describe briefly what Community of Practice (COP) is
2. Identify the three dimensions of COP which mutual engagement, joint enterprise and shared repertoire
3. Apply COP in implementing any new teaching technique

Webinar Details
Presenter:Fauziah Dawood
Occupation:Master in Business Administration (HRM)
Date:February 23-2016
Local Date:
Duration:60 min
University:INTI International Universities and Colleges


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Obtained my MBA in 1998 and currently pursuing my PhD in a local university. Started teaching in high school after completed a Diploma in Education in 1992 and continued my teaching career at tertiary level with INTI. Besides teaching undergraduates, I began to embark as a trainer in the year 2001, in the area of pedagogy to assist new recruited lecturers in pedagogical skills. I then undertook the role of leading the Teaching & Learning Centre in the year 2010 and eversince then, have been supporting the academic staff with appropriate trainings and workshops in their quest for delivering meaningful learning experiences to our students.

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