Using Blackboard to Foster Collaboration 


Online learning does not have to be a lonely experience. With a "how to" approach, this webinar will address strategies to promote communication and collaboration in your online classroom through group activities and discussion forums. Topics include:

  • How to create groups
  • How to distribute students into groups
  • How to moderate a discussion
  • How to grade group activities
  • How to use Safe Assign

Webinar Details
Presenter:Jonathan Acuña
Date:June 22-2017
Local Date:
Duration:60 min
University:Laureate International Universities


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Prof. Jonathan Acuña is a senior professor working for Ulatina since 1998 as an ELT professional mostly working with ELT students in the English Language Teaching major. He’s been working for Laureate’s Faculty Development for the last two and a half years as an online instructor. He also holds a curriculum position at the local bi-national center where he has already launched two different language programs for adults and adolescents in a blended modality.

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