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¿What is WEBEX?


Webex is a tool that allows you to participate in conferences and presentations via the internet using your computer or mobile device. Webex is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and UNIX.

To access Webex, you should have the following:  

  • Computer speakers and a microphone. We recommend you use headsets with an integrated microphone.
  • Webcam (mandatory for presenters).
  • Internet Access (LAN not Wifi).
  • A space without external noises in which you will be able to speak without any interruptions (mandatory for presenters).

If you are a participant, read the following instructions to access the Webinar through Webex:

1) Click on the “Attend” button on the Webinar page or on the link “Participate in the Webinar” available in the email that you received confirming registration.




2) Once you have clicked on the link, Webex will open in your internet browser.

3) On the Webex page, you will have to enter your complete name and email address and then click on “Join”. The participants will be able to log in 15 minutes before the Webinar starts.


4) When Joining:

a. Activate your audio by clicking on the headset icon, which appears on your Webex screen. A new but smaller window named "Audio Conference" will appear immediately after clicking on the icon.

b. In the "Audio Conference" window, click on the "Call Using Computer" button. The Webex tool will automatically detect your headsets for this session. You may test your headsets by clicking on the "Test Speaker/Microphone" link.

d. When you are successfully connected, the word “Connected” will appear in green under the headset icon.

g. Once the session has started and 5 min remain for the Webinar to begin, the person facilitating the event will give you instructions to follow during the session regarding:

- Telephone numbers you cancall if you have no audio access and wish to connect through a telephone or via Skype.
- Procedures to interact with the presenter.
- How to ask the presenter any questions.
- How to contact Technical.


If you are unable to connect through your computer (VOIP), you may listen to the conference through a toll free number within the United States and Canada by dialing 1-877-668-4493. The system will ask you for an access code which will be provided upon request by the Laureate Support Team during the session.


Join the Webinar from your Mobile Device!


You can also join the webinar from any mobile device by downloading the Webex app. To download the app click here.


To join the webinar, run the app and click on the "Join by Meeting Number".


Input your name in the "Display Name" field and the webinar's meeting number or access code. You can find the access code on the webinar's information page at or in the registration confirmation email you received when you registered for the webinar.



After entering these details, you will receive a phone call from Webex which will allow you to hear the webinar's audio. To exit the webinar, simply end the call.


If you need help or have any further questions, please contact our Support Team at

Enjoy the Webinar!