Laureate English Program

February 2014 | Volume 5 - Issue 1

Letter from the Vice President

January marked an important milestone for the Laureate English Program: the five year anniversary of our partnership with the Cambridge Consortium. On January 21-22, the partners joined us at Laureate Headquarters to reflect on the last five years and chart a path for the future.

All parties agreed that there have been notable achievements. Initial benchmarking surveys show a significant improvement in student learning outcomes when measured against baselines in 2009-2010. While more benchmarking needs to take place, the trend is clearly positive and encouraging for the future.

Equally notable is the striking transition from purely book-based programs to blended learning solutions. In 2008 less than 10% of our universities used digital assets in their language instruction. Today, 89% of our universities employ blended learning solutions, including 49% who used premium solutions based on a flipped classroom model.

Moving forward, Laureate Languages and its partners intend to take the program to the next level through a strategic initiative known as the Language Policy Framework. This initiative will link our efforts in the areas of training, quality assurance, materials development, and assessment into a coherent policy directly linked and integrated into a university’s core mission. Together with our partners as consultants, we will work with university stakeholders to create policies which are “fit for purpose” and tie local needs to international standards.

We are also proud to announce the transition of Arnoldo Lezama, our tireless support manager, from the LNPS team in Honduras to a new and expanded role in Baltimore Headquarters. You can learn more about Arnoldo in his profile in this newsletter.

Finally, we are busy preparing for a biannual English directors’ meeting in Princeton, NJ. This year promises to be a landmark event with a focus on group work and workshops and a couple of special guests.

It’s a busy time for all of us around the world of LEP. Take a few moments to read the updates below and reach out if you want to learn more.


Gordon Lewis

Contact Us

Laureate English Program,
Laureate Languages
650 S. Exeter Street, 7th Floor
Baltimore, MD 21202
Tel. 443-627-7204

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Calendar of Events 2014

LEP Teacher Training

Please note that LEP continues to implement self-registration. The link from our LEP website will take you to the new portal starting in February where the self-registration and approval process has been enhanced.

  • Spring 2014 – Apr. 15th to July 15th, 2014 – Registration is now open!
  • Summer 2014 – June 3rd to Sept. 2, 2014
  • Fall 2014 – Sept. 9th to Dec. 9th, 2014

See more information at


  • Bi-Annual Directors Meeting
    The LEP Bi-Annual Directors Meeting will be held in Princeton, New Jersey at Chauncey Center from March 24th to 25th, 2014.


  • IATEFL 48th Annual Conference and Exhibition
    The 48th Annual International IATEFL Conference and Exhibition will be held in Harrogate, England from April 1st to 5th, 2014.
  • TESOL 2014 Convention
    TESOL 2014 will be held in Portland, Oregon, USA from March 26th to 29th, 2014. More details will follow shortly.
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Start off 2014 by Enrolling in a Higher Education Certificate Program

Improve your English with SFUAD’s English Immersion Program

Vacation English Immersion

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

The Laureate English Program’s Vacation English Immersion at Santa Fe University of Art and Design (SFUAD) is an exceptional opportunity for LIU Network students to improve their English language skills in one of the most unique and picturesque cities in the U.S. For future dates, please contact

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Meet the New English Language Institute at Kendall College

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Kendall College is excited to announce the launch of Experience America and the English Language Institute as unique learning opportunities for the Laureate Network.

Experience America: English Language Workshop

Take your first step in beginning to learn the English language. Enjoy 4 weeks studying the English language while immersed in American culture. B-2 Visitor Visa.

Kendall is currently enrolling the Spring quarter, eight week programs and for the Summer four-week programs.

English Language Learners (8 Week Sessions)

  • Spring Session* April 14, 2014 - June 6, 2014
  • Summer Session I June 9, 2014 - August 8, 2014
  • Summer Session II* July 7, 2014 - August 29, 2014
  • Fall Session* October 6, 2014 - December 5, 2014
  • Winter Session* January 5, 2015 - February 27, 2015

*ELI Option #2, with Provisional Admission into Kendall College Available

English Language Workshop (4 Week Sessions)

  • Summer Session I June 9, 2014 - July 4, 2014
  • Summer Session II July 7, 2014 - August 1, 2014

Workshop Cost $2,950 USD

Tuition per participant includes room and board (does not include airfare)

For more information visit or email

The Kendall College English Language Institute (ELI) in Chicago offers you the unique opportunity to receive intensive language instruction while immersed in American culture. The ELI at Kendall will leverage the college’s outstanding faculty to offer English language instruction using the well-known and respected Cambridge University Press materials. F-1 Student Visa.

  • English Language Learners (8 weeks) $2,975.00 USD Tuition does not include airfare or housing
  • English Language Learners, with provisional admittance into Kendall College (10+ weeks) $2,975.00 USD + the cost of your major study four (4) quarter credits
  • Tuition does not include airfare or housing

For more information email

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Partner News – Collaborative Research on Blended Learning

Cambridge University Press

We would like to wish all of our Laureate partners a Very Happy New Year – I hope your year is off to a good start and look forward to working with you throughout 2014.

Collaborative research project

After the successful completion of Phase 1 of the on-going collaborative research project between Laureate and Cambridge, Phase 2 began in March 2013 and has now concluded. The aim of this second phase was to draw on the results of Phase 1 to build upon and consolidate the findings and conclusions. The report on Phase 2 of the Laureate/Cambridge Research Project is now available here and we would like to thank all the teachers who gave up their valuable time to take part in the focus groups over the summer of 2013.

A single overarching theme emerging from this research is the central role the teacher plays in the learning process, and how he/she defines, interprets and subsequently implements blended learning.

Of all the definitions available, the following is the simplest and, although it does allow for differing interpretations, the basic premise is an understanding of ‘effective’ learning and teaching.

- Blended learning gives learners and teachers a potential environment to learn and teach more effectively.

Of relevance to this recent research study with Laureate teachers is the inclusion in this definition of teach, not a sole focus on learn is of significant importance.

This study has provided us with a much clearer understanding of exactly how blended language learning can create a more effective learning and teaching environment. The emerging model within the participating Laureate institutions is an environment synonymous with what is now commonly known as the flipped classroom. Jonathan Berman , one of the lead pioneers of the flipped classroom education model, describes this as an environment in which the pedagogy is changing:

- Many people think the flipped class is all about the technology.

- In fact, this is not correct. It is about changing the pedagogy with the aid of technology.

So instead of the learning being driven (entirely) by technology, the flipped classroom is an environment in which the teacher plays a central role in the classroom and blended learning process:

- One of the major benefits of the flipped concept is that it frees up class time in which teachers can create engaging learning experiences for the students .

and an environment in which time in class is made as effective as possible:

- The “Flipped Classroom” starts with one question: what is the best use of my face-to-face class time?

We are seeing evidence of changing approaches to language teaching, changes that are not without their challenges, but for all teachers who participated in this research sample, these changes are bringing considerable benefit to their teaching experience. These teachers are confident that technology is not there to replace them, but to support them in their teaching. Other key themes discussed in the report are:

  • Blended Language Learning Allows for Maximum Effective Use of Classroom Time
  • Blended Learning Changes the Teaching Paradigm
  • Blended Learning Increases Student Efficacy for Learning

We are also delighted to announce that the results of this research will be presented at TESOL 2014 under the title "Blended Language Learning: An Effective Solution--but not without its challenges" by Chris Johnson and Debra Marsh. It will also be presented at IATEFL 2014 under the title “The Blended ‘Flipped’ Classroom - An effective model for language learning”, by Daniel Lowe and Debra Marsh. If any of you are attending either event we look forward to seeing you there.

LMS developments

Since the last newsletter we have spent considerable effort on “under-the-hood” work on the Cambridge LMS. While no new features have been introduced, we have significantly increased the number of students it can accommodate, especially at peak times. The effort already paid off during the last exam-season when LMS usage was very high and it remained stable and available at all times. We are confident that it will be sufficiently robust for the January/February beginning of term, and will further build out its scalability over 2014 in order to be prepared for the September/October 2014 term.

As always, if you have any questions or comments about Touchstone, the Cambridge LMS or any of our joint endeavours please feel free to contact me. For those of you attending the Directors’ meeting in March I look forward to seeing you then!

All the best,

Eric Baber
Learning Solutions Support Director,
Cambridge University Press

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Bell News – Successful Pilot of Bell@Yours Increases Faculty Collaboration

After a busy and successful 2013 Bell is now looking forward to increased activity in 2014. Our Director of Education, Jim Kell, will be attending the annual operating committee meeting in January in Baltimore and the final strategy will be discussed then. However, the following are some of the initiatives we aim to put in place:

Following a very successful pilot of Bell@yours delivered by Silvana Richardson at UEM in Madrid we hope to roll this out to other centers in 2014. The intervention included the following:

  • Teaching observation
  • Joint planning sessions with groups of teachers
  • Observation of individual teachers followed by constructive feedback
  • In-service sessions on practical classroom methodology
  • Management consultations followed by advisory report

We have also been creating some management training packs which include sessions on how to conduct quality assurance observations of teaching staff with subsequent constructive feedback. Another session deals with ways of giving greater practical support to teachers. These will be explained in more detail in March at the Director’s meeting in Princeton.

We aim to increase the amount of teacher training we do. Our first port of call should be at HIEU, Changsha in China where we will be delivering sessions on classroom management training. In addition, Jim Scrivener, our teacher training ambassador, will be visiting UDLA Ecuador to deliver some training there. We hope other centers will be requesting teacher training workshops and seminars as the year progresses with the aim of increasing the effectiveness of English language teaching throughout the Laureate network.

Further quality assurance visits to English language centers Central and South America, Europe and Asia will continue throughout the year. We have been very pleased with some of the Quality Assurance and Development (QAD) visits carried out in 2013 and to notice the developments made since previous QAD visits. This is especially the case with management systems and procedures. We now need to ensure that the teachers get the training and professional development they need.

In July, Bell opened its first residential Bell Teacher Campus overseas. This took place in Macau, China, from July 8th – 19th and the following one week courses were available:

  • Language Improvement for Teachers
  • Classroom Methodology (Primary)
  • Classroom Methodology (Secondary)
  • Training the Trainer

There was also one two week course:

  • TKT Preparation

which prepared participants for the three core TKT modules leading to the TKT exams. The campus attracted over 200 participants

We were delighted that two Laureate teachers from INTI Malaysia were able to join the teacher campus and hope that other teachers will be encouraged to join in 2014.

Bell would like to take this opportunity to wish all those working for Laureate a very happy and successful 2014!

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LEP Spotlight: Arnoldo Lezama Joining our Team in Baltimore

We would like to welcome Arnoldo Lezama back to our Team. He has joined us as Laureate Languages Senior Administrator and is transferring from Honduras to our Baltimore, MD Laureate Headquarters.

Arnoldo is originally from Honduras, Central America. He holds two engineering degrees (Industrial and Logistics Engineering); he also obtained his Master’s degree in Business Direction by Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana (UNITEC). His outstanding performance while part of the Honduras LNPS office has showcased his ability to apply the multiple skills he has achieved throughout his previous professional experience and has allowed him to accomplish superior results. After holding the LEP Administrator position for over a year, he was transferred to the Support team, where he led that team to new levels of efficient service and customer satisfaction. He rejoined the Laureate English Program in September 2013 and we are thrilled to have him join us in Baltimore this year.

Arnoldo is looking forward for this new stage he’s now starting with us in such an exceptional program, and is here to assist you in anything he can. You may reach him at

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LEP Testing Engine Needs your Help!

Thanks to the institutions scheduling exams during this period for their invaluable support in norming our tests. We look forward to more institutions being able to join us in this endeavor.

As some of you know, we’ve been experiencing issues with the system check performed before starting the tests on our testing engine. Occasionally, this system check seems to get stuck. Since the system check is not complete, users don’t have the option of advancing to the test itself.

To address this issue, we’ve removed the requisite of the microphone check so that users can click on “NEXT” and go to the test. Additionally, since we’ve been able to replicate the issue under unstable internet bandwidth conditions, we are requesting your help in determining the bandwidth in the computers you are running the test on at the time of testing (or other peak use times). To do this, we are asking that you help us by running a bandwidth test on those computers. Please click on and follow the onscreen instructions.

Also, please run a command prompt (Start – run – cmd) on Windows computers and execute the following command: tracert

Please send a screenshot of results to

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Join our Online LEP Community of Practice

Our LEP Community of Practice is opening its doors to English Directors first and will cascade this year to our teachers. Directors will be working collaboratively in the community to prepare for our Bi-Annual Directors Meeting. They will be perusing all the resources available in the community and providing us vital feedback to enhance the platform before we launch to all teachers. Stay tuned for details.

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Congratulations to the NEW LEP Teachers

The Laureate English Program continues to deliver online teacher training throughout the network and is pleased to congratulate all those who have recently completed courses.


Congratulations to the following teachers for completing their Induction Course! Certificates will now be available digitally on the Faculty Portal ( and now teachers are eligible to move to Developmental Modules. See the calendar section of the newsletter for upcoming courses in 2014.

Adriana Isabel Arguello Ruiz (UVM, MX)
Denisse Assayag D´Brot (UPC)
Glicia Dipp Dreher (UniRitter)
Aysel Firat (IBU)
Elena Gonzalez (CEUTEC)
María Gonzalez (UNITEC, HN)
Claudia Kawas (UNITEC, HN)
Raúl López Rodríguez (UVM, MX)
Marco Antonio Mejia Morales (CEUTEC)
Josue Leonardo Rodriguez Lanza (CEUTEC)
Jessica Maribel Sosa Echagaray (UVM, MX)
Marylin Janeth Varela Rodriguez (CEUTEC)
Chengqun Yang (HIEU)
Pablo Avalos (UVM, MX)
Jan Piero Oneto Manuel (UNAB)
Carlos Puente (UVM, MX)
Angélica Patricia Rodriguez Becerra (CEUTEC)
Maria Dolores Tapia Galindo (UVM, MX)
Kelly Thompson (UE, PT)
Jorge Zepeda Porras (UVM, MX)
Miriam Aguilar Vargas (UMV, MX)
Iris Adriana Aguirre Camacho (UMV, MX)
María Guadalupe Barajas Suarez (UMV, MX)
Miguel Ángel Escobar Cazares (UMV, MX)
Cynthia Freeman (UEM)
Yorleny Gonzalez (U. Latina)
Marisa Hirano (FADERGS)
Jan Piero Oneto Manuel (UNAB)
Timothy Palmer (HIPIT)
Citlalli Reyes Triana (UVM, MX)
Craig Russell (STU)
Claudia Saez De Nanclares Vilchis (UVM, MX)
Fabiana Saldanha (UNIRITTER)
Sandra Patricia Sanchez Mejorada Cuellar (UVM, MX)
Maynor Segura (U. Latina)
Zachary Stalnaker (HIPIT)
Tania Tapia Perez (UNAB)
José Ucles (CEUTEC)
Laura Celeste Valdez Fernandez (UVM, MX)
Luz María Varela (UVM, MX)
Jorge Zepeda Porras (UVM, MX)

Fall 2013 Graduates

Congratulations to the teachers below who successfully completed their summer courses! Certificates are now available digitally on the Faculty Portal ( See the calendar section of the newsletter for upcoming courses in 2014.

DM1 – Teaching Reading & Listening

Robert Charles Kerbawy (UVM, MX)
Norma Atienza Pérez (UVM, MX)
Cynthia Díaz De León Aceves (UVM, MX)
Cinthia Castaneda (UPN)
Qiyan Peng (HIEU)
Sandra Cecilia Mora Espejo (UMV, MX)
Jordan Micah Winer (UDLA, EC)
Silvia Dillon (UDLA, EC)
Esra Kaliber (IBU)
María Dolores Treviño Rosales (UVM, MX)
Elba Araceli Villaseñor Montes De Oca (UVM, MX)
Lis Cuadros (CIBERTEC)
Alberto Núñez Godoy (UNAB)

DM 2 – Teaching Writing & Speaking

Gerardo Antonio Molina Núñez (CEUTEC)
Cecilia Carmela Arrieta Muñoz (CIBERTEC)
Didem Ayan (IBU)
Hasan Akkubak (IBU)
Nihal Yildrim (IBU)
Angie Paola Solís Romero (UVM, MX)
Claudia Margarita Saez De Nanclares Vilchis (UVM, MX)
Francisco Javier García Pando (UVM, MX)
María De Lourdes Bautista Elizondo (UVM, MX)
María Ignacia Jiménez Villalobos (UVM, MX)
Patricia García (UVM, MX)
Laura Anel Ambriz Mendez (UVM, MX)
María Del Carmen Enedina Viruega Trejo (UVM, MX)
Ana Raquel Lourenço Fernandes (UE, PT)

DM 3 – Teaching with Technology

Elsa Mercedes Maco Yauce (CIBERTEC)
Mattew Loftin (IBU)
Jared Rock (UDLA, EC)
Miguel Hernández Hernández (UVM, MX)
Albertina Rodríguez Flores (UVM, MX)
Emily De La Cruz (UVM, MX)
Luis Gerardo Aleman Moreno (UVM, MX)
Gabriela Gomez Peregrino (UVM, MX)
Luz María Cortés Olmos (UVM, MX)
Monica Dueñas Medina (UVM, MX)
Blanca Verónica Máynez (UVM, MX)
Eleanne Rios Leon (UVM, MX)
José Manuel Campos Noguera (U. Latina, CR)
Renata Gonzales Silva (UVM, CL)
Iris Sepulveda Varsela (UDLA, CL)

DM 4 – Teaching Grammar, Vocabulary & Pronunciation

Claudia Vanessa Maradiaga Ortega (CEUTEC)
Cinthya Ramos (CEUTEC)
Seda Kuru (IBU)
Nallely Garza (UVM, MX)
Juan Manuel Verduzco Recillas (UVM, MX)
Mireya Espino (UVM, MX)
Patricia Ochoa Tristán (UVM, MX)
Sandra Nayeli Bernal Martínez (UVM, MX)
Jessica Maribel Sosa Echagaray (UVM, MX)
Alfredo López Báez (UVM, MX)
Norma Iglesias (UVM, MX)
Sandra Patrica Sanchez Mejorada (UVM, MX)
Blanca Julia Garza Araujo (UVM, MX)
Silvia Isabel Illades Escobedo (UVM, MX)
José María Ariguznaga (UVM, MX)
Iriana Milagros Valdivia Bravo (UPC)
Marta Karina Araya Herrera (UVM, CL)
Marques Avino Solange (UAM, BR)

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Cambridge University Press and UNITEC Honduras Recognize Exemplary Student

Nilson Elvir, a finance student at UNITEC Honduras, was presented with 40 English-Spanish dictionaries by Daniel Lowe, head of the Laureate English Program in Honduras. This was a joint donation by UNITEC and Cambridge University Press.

Nilson is the coordinator of “The Mentoring Choice”, a social outreach program providing mentoring to 40 students from public schools in rural areas. This project gets 75% of its funding from the U.S. Government and receives support from UNITEC in the form of access to facilities and classrooms.

Nilson said, “We are very grateful for this donation. A dictionary is a vital tool for any language learner. None of our students have access to the internet at home, so these dictionaries will allow our students to improve their vocabulary and complete their English homework assignments.”

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7th Edition of the Universidad Europea Quality Awards at Universidad Europea, Madrid

On this past November 26th, UEM held the 7th edition of their Universidad Europea Quality Awards on the Villaviciosa de Odón campus. The event was attended by 16 Spanish universities contending for one of four possible prizes. The three categories open to Universidad Europea departments are: Best Postgraduate Program and First or Second Prize in UE Quality and there is a fourth category open to visiting universities.

The Language Center received the Second Prize for their project titled: “The Implementation and Development of the Laureate English Program at Universidad Europea: A Homogeneous Model for English Learning in Higher Education”. The project consisted in changing from a blended learning method in which the student underwent independent study in an online multimedia program and later met with varied teachers depending on availability to resolve doubts, to the LEP method using the Cambridge University Online Learning Management System, where students study online with an active online teacher who guides them from beginning to end of the course supporting their online with weekly face-to-face sessions that total four hours in the classroom.

The number of students served in the year of the change increased from a little fewer than 4,000 to over 6,000 and student satisfaction increased from just fewer than 3.0 out of a total possible 5 points to 4.4, therefore becoming one of the departments with the highest satisfaction rate in the university.

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LEP Welcomes our New Instructors at Istanbul Bilgi University

The 2013-2014 ELP Preparatory School Induction Program was held from September 4th to September 24th. Twenty nine newly recruited instructors participated in the sessions given by Teacher Training and Development Center (TDC) members Perihan Çayırezmez, Sabri Ağırman and Sinem Eskiköy.

With the help of the Bilgi Prep TDC Induction program, the newly recruited instructors had the chance to get to know the “Bilgi Language Teaching Context” with various training sessions.

During the induction period, newly recruited teachers were given 16 different sessions by the Bilgi Prep TDC. The topics included both theoretical and practical input ranging from methodologies to lesson–planning. The topics were as follows:

  • Introductions: Getting to Know Each Other
  • Teachers’ Responsibilities at Bilgi
  • Career Cycle
  • A Teacher’s Day at Bilgi
  • General Approaches to Language Teaching and Philosophy
  • Effective Teaching Criteria
  • The Four Domains of Professional Teaching Practice
  • Effective Teaching Criteria in Bilgi Context
  • Sample Lesson Extract Evaluation using ETC and the Four Domains
  • Lesson Planning Input-Skills-Based Lesson Planning (Integrative Lesson Planning Approach- E.g. Touchstone Listening and Grammar Integration)
  • Sample Lesson Plans Analysis and Evaluation: Language and Skills Based Lesson Plans
  • Hands-on Task Intro: Lesson Plan Preparation
  • Hands-on Task-Lesson Plan Preparation- Language Presentation Lesson Plan + Reading Lesson Plan + Writing Lesson Plan
  • Trainer Observations and Procedures
  • Professional Development Activities for Old Instructors
  • Revision and Feedback from Participants

The sessions aimed to introduce the new instructors to the basic components of the school system (e.g. teaching, training, administrative issues, etc.) and help them integrate into the Bilgi Language Teaching Context.

Bilgi Prep TDC also organizes ‘Concurrent Training Sessions’ for all instructors at the beginning of every academic year. The session presenters are Bilgi Prep Teaching Staff.

At the beginning of the 2013-2014 Academic Year, 10 existing Bilgi Prep instructors volunteered to give workshops for the faculty. The sessions covered areas ranging from classroom management to exploitation of the course books. They aimed to introduce recent developments and adjustments to the curriculum and testing objectives; update instructors about the latest technologies in the course-books; and to give opportunities for instructors to share their classroom research results and course experiences with their colleagues. The topics were as follows:

  • Language and Movement: A selection of physical language activities and energy raisers; by Cameron Tribe
  • Letting Go; by Ezgi Demirkır
  • Classroom Management Issues: REVISITED; by Güven Gönüllü
  • Teacher, I am boring!: Adapting fun activities to fit your lesson aims; by Harvey Duncan
  • Cross-cultural Rhetoric: Teaching Academic Writing to ESL students in Turkey; by İlkem Kayıcan
  • Coursebook or Cursebook?: Using Coursebooks Effectively and Efficiently; by Josh Brown
  • Ice Breakers; by Nesrin Eren
  • Teaching Hacks; by Sheri Lee Cavazos & Luke William Webb
  • Magic in the Classroom; by Savaş Ademoğlu
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UDLA Ecuador Holds English Fair

The UDLA-Ecuador English Fair took place last January 8th, 2014 at ‘Patio de las Culturas’. English students and any other members of the community could engage and participate in the interactive activities that level five (View Point) students prepared during the 2014-1 term that ended on January 17th.

The purpose of the fair was to offer the community a relevant and fun opportunity to interact in English. What can be more fun than playing to get a prize? Games around the theme of Food in English Speaking Countries were created in groups of four, after carrying out a small research on a topic that had to be agreed on in the group. Students learned about culture and food throughout the process. Negotiation for meaning and creativity played a major role during the term since oral grades were assigned as oral marks to the total grade during all classes. The condition was that no food could be served or displayed during the fair.

This activity provided everyone in Quito, a good moment to look at the pluses and deltas of our doing, always, with the certainty to find better ways to teach and to learn.

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EAP1 Mobile Pilot Program Kicks-Off at Universidade Europeia in Lisbon

The EAP1 Mobile Pilot Program has been implemented within the Laureate English Program at UE since the end of November 2013.

With a total of 250 codes, this pilot program is being administered in two stages: The first one, already under way, contemplates a group of 84 teachers who will provide quarterly feedback on their individual experience; The second stage – to start in February 2014 – will count with the active participation of 166 ≥ B1 (CEFR) students. These individuals will also be required to fill out a quarterly questionnaire on their progress, positive and negative aspects of course contents and technical functions.

“By taking part in this project we hope to show our faculty and learner communities how committed the English Department is to the success of our students’ and language development” declared UE English Director, Cristiana Oliveira (PhD).

Olga Calado, the UE English Coordinator confirms that UE aims do its best to help Laureate in their endeavor to ride the new wave of English learning methodologies while reaping the benefits of such a pedagogically enriching program.

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