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Germán Ramírez

“As Laureate transforms global higher education, LNPS is your most trusted partner to help you embrace the revolution and be ahead of the curve.”

Germán Ramírez, Ed.D.
Laureate Network Products & Services

“Revolutionary technologies don’t insert themselves into culture. They transform it.” - Sir Ken Robinson / Laureate Live broadcast of the 2014 World Business Forum

Being an innovative and tech-savvy education company, Laureate strives to transform the global landscape with unique offline and online offerings that support institutions as they join and stay at the forefront of the revolution in higher education.

This month, we highlight examples of how Laureate Network Products & Services harnesses technology to develop programs that help students, faculty or staff collaborate with each other and acquire skills to be successful in an increasingly digital, competitive, globalized world.

It is a widely-accepted fact that to prepare for an international career, you must master the English language. This key skill propelled Universidad Europea and Universidade Europeia to implement the Laureate English Program into their curriculum. Enjoy the short case study that discusses their challenges and, ultimately, their success in implementing this exciting language program into their student coursework.

Additionally, the Laureate International Office brings to light how our institutions are preparing their students for a global career. Explore internationality abroad and at home with videos that highlight initiatives from our partners across the network.

In the world of Signature Products, Laureate’s Media Literacy for Personal Branding course teaches students how to make smart use of print and digital media to enhance their professional reputations. While the Laureate Presentation Skills program, developed in response to the private sector’s call for employees that know how to communicate clearly and effectively, helps students acquire the necessary skills to become better communicators.

As they enhance their academic growth through the Laureate Faculty Development and the Laureate International Class programs, faculty and students can immerse themselves in the world of online learning while interacting with their peers at Laureate institutions around the world. These two programs reflect how technology and globalization are changing the exchange of knowledge, the concept of collaboration, and higher education as a whole.

This year’s Campus Symposium’s theme is “Change - Fear of the Future or New Vision?”. While our industry shifts in response to high-tech advancements, market needs and international integration, we need not fear change. As Laureate transforms global higher education, LNPS is your most trusted partner to help you embrace the revolution and be ahead of the curve. In the end, we don’t adapt to change, we lead it.

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Encourage Your Students to Win a Trip to WOBI on Leadership 2015

The Laureate Impact Video Contest invites students from all network institutions to record a 60-second video in English that shows how being part of a Laureate institution has made a difference in their lives and the lives of those around them.

The winner of this international contest will earn an all-expenses-paid trip to WOBI on Leadership 2015 in Mexico City – a unique collection of brilliant conferences by elite experts that will dramatically change their perspective and help them become influential leaders.

Last year’s winner, Lidiia Komisarchuk from the European University Cyprus, attended WOBI on Leadership and heard inspiring lectures from Aron Ralston (127 Hours), Martin Seligman (the father of positive psychology), Daniel Servitje (CEO of Bimbo), Álvaro Uribe (31st President of Colombia), and many more!

Click here to learn more about Lidiia’s experience and how the event had a tremendous impact on her professional and personal life or view her video testimonial below:

Encourage your students to participate and tell us how being a member of the global Laureate community has improved their current lives and future perspectives. Students must upload their videos via a desktop/laptop computer at

Once their video entries are approved, they will be displayed on the Laureate Impact tab on Laureate Connect's Facebook page. The video with the most likes will win!

For more information, email Stephanie Calcott, LNPS Marketing Director, at

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Time is Running Out to Submit Entries for the Laureate Award for Excellence in Robotics Engineering

The Laureate Award for Excellence in Robotics Engineering is an international contest in which a team of undergraduate students from Laureate institutions worldwide apply their ingenuity and creativity to develop a fully-functional interactive robotic system.

Each team is coached and supervised by a part-time or full-time faculty member selected by the institution.

This year’s theme, “Environmental Management: Air Quality”, invites students to develop an interactive robot that monitors the air quality at indoor and outdoor spaces of Laureate campuses.

The winning team will receive $20,000 USD and a trip to attend the 2015 Laureate Leadership Summit in Miami, Florida!

We encourage you to share this great opportunity with your students and help showcase their talent and ingenuity throughout the network.

Click here to view a recap of the 2013 participants and for more information on this year’s competition, visit

For more information, please contact your institution’s International Office or email

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Strengthen your Teaching Competencies and Connect with Global Peers with Laureate Faculty Development

Laureate Faculty Development’s goal is to positively impact higher education through technology and innovative teaching and learning strategies. The Faculty Development Portal offers a wide variety of academic resources designed to support faculty members in their daily activities and promote innovative classroom engagement.

This year alone, over 6,000 faculty members have participated in Faculty Development courses and certificate programs in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Faculty members benefit from exclusive content, valuable resources, as well as the opportunity to share academic best practices with colleagues from different network institutions.  

The program offers a virtual classroom to support the continuous development of methodologies and provides the necessary tools to incorporate technology in innovative ways to increase knowledge, competencies, and student engagement.

Browse through all the course offerings and register today for the academic period that starts on January 14, 2015:

Take advantage of this global opportunity to increase your skills as an international Laureate faculty member.

For more information on the Faculty Development Program, contact Solángel Corpeño, Faculty Development Manager, at

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Laureate English Case Study: How Universidad Europea and Universidade Europeia Implemented English-Learning into the Curriculum

Barriers in the worlds of business education and economics are being erased. The world is getting smaller and attaining quality English skills is critical to be globally competitive.

In close partnership with prestigious language organizations, the Laureate English Program (LEP) provides institutions with the tools needed to empower students, widen their employment opportunities and improve their overall college experience.

Developing core English skills will allow students to connect with each other, participate in global academic conversations, and increase the opportunities for international studies.

In this edition, we would like to share the exceptional experience that Universidad Europea (UE) and Universidade Europeia have had in implementing LEP in all their undergraduate programs.

From exclusive Cambridge English content to a state-of-the-art Language Center and an innovative hybrid learning model, LEP and UEM have achieved great results in the past few years.

For more information on how Laureate Languages can help your institution, please contact Gordon Lewis, Vice-president of Laureate Languages, at

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How Can the Laureate International Office Help Your Students Prepare for a Globalized World?

Laureate International Office promotes and enables enriching experiences that provide your students with exposure to the world at large and allows them a first-hand glimpse into different cultures as you prepare them for their future careers.

One of the main objectives of the Laureate International Office is to prepare students for success in a globalized world. Today’s business world is rapidly evolving and modern professionals need to be in line with the latest trends and developments in their field.

Explore internationality across the network in the latest video in the International Office series:

How are Laureate institutions preparing students to face a globalized world?

Stay tuned for our next edition to see the final video in our three-part series. If you missed the first video on how Laureate institutions are providing internationalization to our students, click here to view it.

For more information about the international opportunities available throughout the Laureate network, visit the Laureate International Opportunities Portal at or contact Argiñe Wieland, Laureate International Office Director, at

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Create a New Vision for a Better Future with BiTS’ Campus Symposium

Change affects every one of us – privately, personally or in business. Change can’t be ignored and it is of great importance to adapt to it in order to prevent deadlock.

Under the theme “Change - Fear of the Future or New Vision?” the 2014 Campus Symposium will be broadcast openly to Laureate institutions around the world on November 5th and 6th.

Held every two years since 2005 by BiTS University in Germany, this student-organized international business conference will feature 10 riveting presentations on megatrends, corporate culture, international cooperation, the arts and political framework:

  • INNOVATE don't INNOFLATE - A Crash Course on How to Unpack and Apply Trends to your Business
  • Yin & Yang of International Economic Relations - Speaking about Risk-Taking and Trust in Different Countries
  • Change - for more Humanity in Society
  • “One Company, One Culture?” – Success Factors for Cultural Change
  • An Old World Completely New: Europe with the Change of Time
  • The Corporate Glue: What Keeps International Corporations together and How are they Ideally Managed
  • Transformation in a Global Logistics Company
  • What to do with your money? Innovative Investment Opportunities for the Future
  • How Brands and Companies Benefit from Involvement with Arts and Culture
  • Closing Session: Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei - Former Vice President of Egypt and Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Join the broadcast and share this event with students, faculty and staff! Take advantage of the valuable content presented by celebrated thinkers committed to improving our world for present and future generations.

To confirm your institution's participation or for more information on this event, please contact Diego García, Laureate Live Director, at

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Are your Students Becoming Successful Online and Offline Communicators?

Partnering with some of the most recognized experts in the world, Laureate Network Products & Services has developed the Laureate Communications Suite, a comprehensive solution to your students’ need to communicate successfully in the academic and professional worlds. Part of the Laureate Signature Products family, the Communications Suite can help your students boost their media literacy and oral communication skills through two unique courses:

Media Literacy for Personal Branding

Students need to know that whatever action they take today on digital or print media will eventually have an impact on their virtual presence and careers.

This course, whether offered in online or blended format, allows participants to analyze media literacy forms and implications while using storytelling techniques to articulate a personal brand and execute a media strategy. This year, the program has already helped more than 100 students acquire the knowledge to be savvy communicators when launching their personal brands and enhancing their reputation, offline and online.

The course was developed in partnership with Damon Lee, CEO and founder of Hollywood production company Deacon Entertainment. Mr. Lee is an award-winning producer, accomplished executive and talented filmmaker. During the course, he guides participants through a diversity of relevant media literacy topics, such as logos, personal branding, media tools and storytelling.

Additionally, the course makes extensive use of reading material, videos, infographics, current articles and an exclusive course booklet. Students participate in discussions, share information and experiences in forums, create media and develop a blog in a safe environment.

Laureate Presentation Skills

Delivering information clearly and effectively is a key to get messages and opinions across. The content of this specialized course on executive communication is powered by Own the Room!®, a world leader in the field of effective communication.

The course’s methodology was developed by Bill Hoogterp, CEO and founder of Blue Planet Training. Mr. Hoogterp has trained executives of companies such as MTV, Facebook and LinkedIn, in addition to celebrities in the entertainment and sports industries.

Presentation Skills is an online, blended, webinar-based or face-to-face experience. To date, it has helped nearly 16,000 network students through its various modules and components!


Students participating in the Communications Suite courses use the most modern and relevant materials and resources, developed by leading experts in their respective fields. Regardless of their professional paths, Laureate students will stand out as confident communicators and professionals.

Would you like to start using components of the Laureate Signature Products Communications Suite in your institution or want to learn more about the programs? Please contact Dr. Carmen Méndez, Signature Products Executive Director, at or Miguel Lardizábal, Communications and Math Champion, at

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Laureate International Class Offers Students an Intercultural Online Learning Experience

Online learning requires hard work and discipline and can be a new and challenging experience for students and faculty. Laureate International Class provides innovative technologies to enhance this experience for your students and offers assistance and support to participants in three unique ways:

  • Livechat: this online chat platform is implemented in each of the courses and provides a medium for immediate response to queries from participants.
  • Facebook: we use this popular social media application to create groups for course members to communicate and interact with each other in an effective way and build academic communities.
  • Zoom: this videoconferencing tool allows participants to engage with their classmates and instructors by having face-to-face conversations with colleagues from around the world.

Laureate International Class’ innovative use of technologies guarantees a unique online experience while promoting interculturality for all your participants.

If you are faculty member and wish to teach an International Class, or if you’re a university leader interested in implementing the program at your institution, please contact Yolany Alcántara, Laureate International Class Champion, at

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Laureate Students and Faculty give Glowing Praise to World Business Forum 2014

The 2014 World Business Forum held in early October in New York City’s Radio City Music Hall brought together 14 enthusiastic PROVOCATEURS, which included Malcolm Gladwell, Sir Ken Robinson, Simon Sinek, Blake Mycoskie, and many more.

Thousands of network students had the opportunity to watch the live broadcast and 48 students and faculty from all over the Laureate network traveled to New York City to represent their institutions on site. Laureate Live broadcast the English-language event with subtitles in Spanish and Portuguese. Students viewing the broadcast from their institutions were able to interact in real-time with the presenters and Student Anchors through social media and during Laureate Live Panels were held between conferences.  

Students from network institutions expressed great satisfaction with the event: 

“The knowledge and multicultural interaction I had the privilege of obtaining during WBF 2014 would not have been possible without the support of all the staff involved.”Sofia Maradiaga from Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana (UNITEC) in Honduras

“I want to thank all the staff members that were involved in the event and who supported us every step of the way. I'd like to thank Laureate Live and Universidade Potiguar for giving me an opportunity I’ve only dreamt of before. Thank you for believing in me, believing in my potential, and for believing I had what it takes to represent you.” - Clécius Brandão from Universidade Potiguar in Brazil

Click here to check highlights from all the speakers on our special Pinterest board. 

To find out how you can participate in future WOBI events, please contact Diego García, Laureate Live Director, at

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New Generation of Laureate MBA Professionals Graduates from UNITEC Honduras

The online Laureate MBA offers participants the opportunity to enroll in a premier business program. The flexible study options and robust online learning environment can accommodate complex schedules and geographical boundaries. This advantage was the main theme of Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana (UNITEC)’s most recent commencement in Honduras.

Family and friends celebrated the new LMBA graduates with much joy and enthusiasm, including top-of-the-class student Karen Padilla, who gave a speech in which she emphasized the importance of education and how she was able to overcome geographic constraints in pursuing her MBA.

“I saw a TV show in which UNITEC was promoting its online programs and thought that the model was perfect for me to study without neglecting my family or having to quit my job… the chance to continue my studies was only a click away”, said Karen to her fellow classmates and commencement guests.

Watch a recap of the ceremony in Spanish:

The Laureate MBA provides network students an opportunity to obtain a Master’s Degree from their own home or office and offers high-quality content and an innovative online education format that result in a collaborative learning process.

To learn more about the benefits of adopting the Laureate MBA and other offers of the Laureate Business Suite at your institution, please contact Dr. Carmen Méndez, Signature Products Executive Director, at or contact Gracia Castillo, LMBA Champion, at

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