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Find information for developing new programs and improving existing programs. Achieve a faster time to market. Identify other school administrators that can support your curriculum review.
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Collaborate and share content across the network. Bring international materials into the classroom experience.
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Find additional resources and tools that are available to support program development and enhance course content.
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What is the Content Repository?

Expand your institution’s access to key curriculum resourcesto support your academic program offerings. As a networkinstitution, you can benefit from the Laureate ContentRepository, a comprehensive database that collects,manages and distributes key academic content (programs,courses and learning objects) via a highly secured site.As a network institution, you can enhance your existingprograms and market new programs faster by accessingthe Content Repository.

Other benefits include:

  • Increased utilization of existing curriculum
  • Enhanced programs
  • Faster time-to-market of new programs
  • Lower development costs
  • Enhanced teaching and learning
  • Increased networking opportunities

Available Academic Content

  • Program Inventories
  • Program Resources
  • Curricular Maps
  • Courses and Syllabi
  • Learning Resources
  • Learning Assessments
  • External Resources such as journals and other publications

Nina Myers
Program Manager
Laureate Network Products & Services