Laureate Libraries - eBooks 

Agreements with key publishers have been accomplished to offer discounted perpetual access of ebooks to our institutions. In addition to discounts, institution within the Laureate Network will have the opportunity to participate in the Laureate Interlibrary Loan, where they can share eBooks among each other. (Not applicable to all regions).

Current participating libraries are:


  - Panama - Universidad Latinoamericana de Ciencia y Tecnología (ULACIT)

  - Spain –  Universidad Europea de Madrid (UEM)

  - Brazil - Universidade Anhembi Morumbi (UAM)

  - Brazil - Universidade Potiguar (UnP)

  - Brazil - Centro Universitário do Norte (UniNorte)

  - Brazil - Universidade Salvador (UNIFACS)

  - Brazil - São Paulo Global Center (FADERGS)

  - Brazil - Centro Universitário Ritter dos Reis (UniRitter)

  - Brazil - Instituto Brasileiro de Medicina de Reabilitação (IBMR)

  - Chile - Institute for Executive Development (IEDE)


  - Turkey – Istanbul Bilgi University (Bilgi)

  - Switzerland - Institute of Highter Education (GLION) 


  - Chile - Universidad Andrés Bello (UNAB)

  - Chile - Universidad de Las Américas Chile (UDLA)

  - Chile - Instituto Profesional (AIEP)

  - Chile - Universidad Viña del Mar (UVM)

  - Costa Rica - Universidad Latina (ULATINA)

  - Ecuador - Universidad de Las Américas (UDLA)

  - Honduras - Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana (UNITEC)

  - Mexico – Universidad del Valle de Mexico (UVM)

  - Mexico - Universidad Tecnológica de México (Unitec)

  - Peru – Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC)

  - Peru - Universidad Privada del Norte (UPN)

  - Peru - (Cibertec)

  - Panama - Universidad Interamericana de Panamá (UIP)  



Currently we are using a platform developed by Librisite to facilitate the Interlibrary loan capabilities for our Global Library. 

Characteristics of the platform are:

- Once downloaded, an Internet connection is not required.

- Standard formats: PDF and EPUB.

- Adjustable text size.

- Free reference software.

- Transferable to mobile devices such as Sony Reader, iPad and many others.

- Lending system is the same as those used by traditional libraries, but carried to a digital environment.

- The system is adaptable to the lending policies of individual libraries.

- There are no lost or damaged books.

- Access to reports and usage statistics for a better orientation of budgets.

- Instant download of the books into a large variety of devices.

- Internet connection is not required to read or search the books.

- Friendly reading format and tools that enable underlining, highlighting and notes.

- Automatic return of the books: there are no late fees.


For more information regarding Laureate eBoosk initiative or about Libraries, please contact:


Nina Myers

Program Manager

Laureate Network Products & Services