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English Program

The Laureate English Program (LEP) provides a flexible framework that your university can implement to teach English effectively, given local needs. The Laureate English Program is designed to:

  • Delight students
  • Differentiate English courses in the market
  • Provide a scalable solution across the network
  • Build quantifiable results that are outcome driven
  • Focus on teaching and learning through quality teacher training and quality assurance schemes based on shared network standards.

In order to fulfill the goals of the Laureate English Language Program, Laureate has engaged in a ten year cooperative agreement with three leaders in the field of English Language teaching to provide content, assessment tools and selected teacher training and consultancy to the network: Cambridge University Press, Cambridge ESOL Exams, and the Bell Education Trust. In addition, the LEP has created a platform of proprietary student and teacher online courses to complement the products and services offered by our strategic partners.

Laureate has partnered with three leaders in the field of English language teaching, including Cambridge University Press, Cambridge ESOL Exams, and the Bell Education Trust, in designing this program. Our partners provide high-quality content, assessment tools and select teacher training and consultancy to the network. In addition, the Laureate English Program has created a platform of proprietary student and faculty online courses to complement the products and services offered by our strategic partners.



Internal Consulting
Take advantage of our customized and comprehensive support in all phases of your program roll-out. Based on tested guidelines defined in the Laureate English Program handbook, our team will work with you and your administrators to develop a model that fits your local needs



The Laureate English Program integrates language assessment at all stages of the program, from curriculum planning to providing students with recognized international qualifications that will enhance their resumes. Together with our Cambridge ESOL partners, we provide you with tools to consistently and reliably measure student progress. Tools include:
  • Cambridge ESOL benchmarking exam
  • Cambridge Touchstone Placement testing
  • Laureate Testing Engine with six normed level tests, placement test and proficiency test for internal university transfer
  • ESOL Certificate Exams



Curriculum & Pedagogy
The Laureate English Program curriculum is anchored by Cambridge University Press’ ground-breaking Touchstone Blended Learning Program, the first course of its kind which truly integrates classroom and online contact. Touchstone has hundreds of hours of highly interactive materials, including audio and video as well as social networking extension to the learning material using Web 2.0 tools. A cutting-edge Learning Management System tracks learners’ progress and allows sophisticated results analysis.

The Laureate English Program also provides opportunities for English Immersion and semester exchanges at Santa Fe University of Art and Design in New Mexico, USA.



Product Development
In addition to the Cambridge University Press’ Touchstone program, Laureate English Program has developed over 200 hours of blended content focusing on English Study Skills and English for Academic Purposes, which can be used in conjunction with other materials or serve as stand-alone courses.The Laureate English Program also provides curriculum consulting services to universities with specific program needs including English for Special Purposes, Test Preparation, High School and Immersion Programs.


Quality Assurance
The Bell Quality Assurance & Development system pro -vides the overall quality assurance and development for English language learning and teaching operations under the Laureate English pro-gram. Bell’s highly-trained quality assurance profes-sionals conduct various assessment and advisory visits focused on teach-ing, learning and program management. The assessments are made within 14 evaluation frames comprising 170 measurable criteria statements.Through a secure micro-site, Laureate institutions have access to all assessments and ongoing developmental action plans.


Teacher Training
The Laureate English Program offers a rich menu of teacher training and development possibilities: from customized face-to-face options with our partner Bell Educational Trust, to the 125 - hour signature online Laureate Certificatein English Language Teaching. The certificate program consists of one self-access Induction module and four moderated modules focusing on:
• Module 1: Teaching Reading & Listening
• Module 2: Teaching Speaking & Writing
• Module 3: Teaching with Technology
• Module 4: Teaching Grammar, Vocabulary & Pronunciation.


The Laureate English Program also has the Social Learning Platform/Community of Practice where teachers can interact and find resources. For those interested, Bell also offers internationally recognized CELTA and DELTA courses, either locally for Laureate-only groups or in mixed groups in the United Kingdom at one of Bell’s language centers.

Gordon Lewis
Vice President, Laureate Languages
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Joseline Castaños
Program Manager, Laureate Languages
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