Faculty Development Portal
Through this exclusive website, Laureate Faculty members have at their disposal a variety of academic resources designed to support them in their daily teaching and learning activities.
Webinars in multiple languages are scheduled periodically and are aimed at enhancing faculty skills and competencies for helping students learn better.
Take advantage and promote educational opportunities for faculty, from single self-paced courses to complete certificate programs.
Faculty Development

Laureate International Universities provides faculty members with customized development opportunities and resourcesaimed at improving teaching effectiveness in the classroom. Laureate supports the continuous development of instructionalmethodologies and provides the necessary tools so faculty members can continue being effective global educators.


Faculty Development Portal
Through this exclusive website, Laureate Faculty members have at their disposal a variety ofacademic resources designed to support them in their daily teaching and learning activities. Fromacademic journals and online tutorials, to education-related articles and a wide range of external references to professional and educational organizations, all these materials have been designed for faculty members to use freely and effectively in their teaching activities.


An impressive amount of knowledge is held by Laureate’s global faculty members. Through our webinar program, Laureate instructors, researchers and staff members can share their expertise with each other. Discover research projects, scientific innovations, teaching methodologies and academic works produced by the Laureate educational community. From health and economics to art, communication and design, our network users can register for any of our wide-range discipline-specific webinars or present one themselves! The Laureate webinar program expands knowledge in specific fields with help from the Laureate global community

Induction Course:
Laureate Faculty in the 21 Century
Seize the meaning of belonging to an international community of modern educators and expand your knowledge on the new generations of learners.

Learning Methods Courses:
Collaborative Learning
Build great ideas and products through the synergies created by your students and achieve memorable learning.

Problem Based Learning
Provide your students with a disciplined framework to effectively define challenging problems and design creative solutions..

Project Based Learning
Materialize a universe of educational theories into a tangible and result-driven methodology.

Case Study Methodology
Activate individual and collective learning through alively process of analysis, verbalization and debate.

Laureate Certificate in Higher Education:
Module I-Introduction
Connect to the online learning world, discover your teaching style and learn how to design learning objectives.

Module II-Student Centered Teaching
Deepen your understanding of millennial students and design learning activities that gravitate on them.

Module III-Teaching Tools
Engage your students' curiosity through learning experiences that will leave them hungry for more..

Module IV-Assessment Tools
Guide the student's journey into the fascinating realm of learning through others and oneself. Maximize the use of assessments as a tool to facilitate learning.

Module V-Technology Tools
Inspire minds to live, produce and exchange ideas at the speed of an electron. Teach by example. Explore the use and benefits of bringing technology into the classroom.

Master's and Doctoral Degrees:

Online master’s and doctoral degrees are available for all Laureate faculty members, both full-time and adjunct, at subsidized tuition fees and from the following institutions:


• Walden University
• Universidad Europea de Madrid (UEM)
• University of Liverpool

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