Templates & Procedures
Find templates to help expedite the Emergency Readiness preparation. Upload, maintain and reference your own filled procedures in an organized fashion.
Locations & Situations
Find every site Laureate has in an interactive map and distance to current and historic Situations like earthqukes and fires. Get in contact with their Safety and Security responsibles. Be updated on the latest Situation's status.
Get Certified ! Participate in 5 online courses to increase your readiness (Under development).
GSS Community
Get in contact with other Safety and Security experts and responsibles thoughout the network. Exchange experiences, knowledge & strategies.
What is Global Safety and Security?

Laureate International Universities values the safety andsecurity of its students, staff and assets and understandsits responsibility towards protecting them. Using our global capabilities and experience to collect and organize best practices on how to mitigate risks and how to react in the event of an emergency, the potential for preserving lives and reducing damages is greatly enhanced so the time to re-establish or continue normal operations is also reduced. As a company are determined to put the best of our knowledge and effort to develop and deploy the required safety & security programs needed to protect our global community.


GSS Portal
Laureate provides the network institutions with the Global Safety and Security portal where staff members responsible for this role can access valuable resources to enhance their readiness.


Laureate has launched a certification path composed of five online courses which are oriented to enhance the knowledge and abilities of our safety and security personnel around the world. These courses are available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Contact Information

Diego García
Best Practices Manager
Laureate Network Products & Services
52 (55) 9138-5053