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Launched in 2011, the Laureate Network Product and Services International Office aims to assist Laureate International Universities in expanding internationality across the network. The office focuses on increasing the visibility of international offerings, as well as promoting international opportunities for students and faculty members, thereby making your institution’s international profile a key differentiator within your local market.

The International Office also concentrates its efforts in developing a systematic approach and standard processes for promoting and implementing international programs, as well as establishing consistent branding and communication methodologies. The pillars of our offices long-term strategy include:

  • Defining a standard framework to operate International Offices across the network. Work with a lean organization and partner with subject matter experts.
  • Developing a global International Programs Catalog that will include key information about each study session (description, location, program focus, academic calendar, cost, bilateral
  • agreements, language of instruction, contact information, and delivery method), allowing institutions to better offer international programs based on student demand.
  • Developing Rules of Engagement to set basic principles across Laureate institutions to reduce growth-impeding frictions and enhance international teaching and learning experiences.
  • Designing and developing an International Experience Portal, an umbrella site to capture and report internationality metrics and enhance the promotion of international programs.
  • Developing an Operating Handbook to provide overall guidelines for the operation of an international office and administration of international programs as well as a master glossary.

Contact Information
Argiñe Wieland
Director, International Programs
Laureate Network Products & Services